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Can I make changes in the site design?

Yes, you can, but it is not provided in the submitted standard packages.

Can the guests choose seats at the banquet tables?

Standard functions of the packages include the possibility for your guests to view their places on the scheme for guests seating at tables. If you wish, the function of independent choice of the seat can be designed for additional cost.

How can I add information on my site?

The access to the administrative panel of the complete site is attached along with the detailed instructions.

How long will it take from the time of payment to publishing the ready site to the Internet?

Currently 5 days. In the future, we will try to reduce this period.

How long will the wedding site be on the Internet?

It depends on the selected package.

How many photos can be uploaded on the site?

It depends on the package you choose.

How will the registration of guests be done on such site? Can anyone logon there?

This function is not provided in the submitted standard packages, but it can be ordered in addition. If you want, the access to your site can be closed for unauthorized users.

Is it possible for guests to comment on photos and videos?

Yes, but it is available only in package «Diamond».

Is it possible to limit access to the site?

Yes, this function can be activated. However everyone who visits your site will have to enter the password.

Is it possible to print the guest list out from the site?

This function is not provided in the submitted standard packages, but it can be ordered in addition.

Is it possible to upload video files on the site?

Yes, but it is possible only in the packages «Platinum» or «Diamond».

Is the newsletter of invitations to guests possible? And how will it be administered?

Yes, it is possible to carry out either by e-mail mailout or by SMS-mailing . This function is provided in the control panel of the wedding site for packages «Platinum» or «Diamond».

What can I change on the site?

Photos and text content.

What is SvadbaSite for?

SvadbaSite will help you.

Why do I need such website?

Wedding website is a very convenient service that will help you both before and after your wedding. Instead of calling all your guests and telling them the details about your wedding, you can simply send them a link to your website, where you post all necessary information. After the wedding you can upload all your wedding photos on the site and let your friends and family download the ones they like.

Will it be possible to extend the term of site presence on the Internet and for how long?

Yes, you can. As long as you wish. This should be specified separately and is not included in the initial cost.

Will the banquet menu be available for viewing?

Yes, this function is provided in the «Diamond» package.

Will the categories of news for guests and useful information be on the site?

Such category is not provided in the submitted standard packages, but it can be ordered in addition.

Will the design of the wedding site be exclusive?

If you buy one of standard packages: «Gold», «Platinum» or «Diamond», then the design will not be exclusive. But you can order the design of completely unique site.

Will the wedding site be displayed correctly on mobile devices?

Yes, we test your site on all mobile devices prior to publishing it on the Internet.

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