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Terms of use

Please, read the terms of this Agreement carefully. It is generally thought that purchasing any of the products of our company, you have read and accepted the terms of this Agreement. (Here and throughout the Terms of Use under the "product" we mean wedding site or a site dedicated to any other special occasion.)

The Types of User Permit Licenses on Company's Products

In accordance with these terms and conditions approved by our company, we offer you two types of licenses for the use of wedding site designs:

1. Licence for single use

This type of license allows a single use by you or your customer any particular product of our company, you have to purchase it at an agreed price. In case you wish to use the same product one more time, you should purchase it again, then you can use it in another project.

2. Licence for private use

You can entirely purchase one of our wedding designs for a special price. Whereas, you are given the license and guaranteed personal use of this product. In this case the product is removed from the sales directory of our company and in the future will not be offered to other customers of the Company, and in turn, you do not have the right to distribute and re-sell this product in the future.

You can send your application for receiving the license to e-mail address:

The Usage Rights for Images, Cliparts and Fonts

All materials used in our products images, cliparts and fonts are an unalienable part of our work. In obtaining a license for single use and a license for design, you are granted the right to use images, cliparts and fonts

exclusively within the creation of your product on the basis provided by our company website design. You have the right to use images, cliparts and fonts to create only one project. Any use or distribution of the product or its parts is strictly forbidden. The illustrations and images used in the product provided as a single-layer file.

Attention! For making independent changes in the product, you may need special training and skills to work with special software. If you have any questions you can contact our support team via Skype: DaVinci.

Possibilities for Changes

If necessary, you can modify our product in accordance with the purposes set by, but with due regard to existing license type.

Unlicensed Use

If you do not have a license for the private use of our product, you do not have the right to distribute our product anywhere but on our subdomain, which you get after purchasing the product.

Besides, without the prior permission of our company (in written form) you have no right to make transactions for the sale and resale of our products.

Transfer of Rights

You have no right to grant sublicense, transfer or delegate the available rights to anyone, in the absence of prior authorization of our company (in written form).

Possesion Rule

Before you make any purchase on our website, you must understand that the company develops and offers products of nonmaterial labor, which cannot be subsequently cancelled. In consequence, after the product is delivered, we do not perform its redelivery.

The only valid exception is the mismatch of the product description, admitted the fault

of our company.

Third Party Services

Our company is capable of providing our services to third parties, but we are not involved in the control of the services rendered. By signed Agreement you acknowledge that our company disclaims any liability for your use of such services. Third parties may use their own format of user license and user agreements. In turn, you agree to comply with their rules, as in this Agreement.

Rights and Responsibilities

You do not have permission to disclose any information related to the purchase of any products or services in our company.

Under no circumstances our company disclaims all liability for any damage that has arisen from the use of or inability to use the developed product.

In case of breaching the terms of this Agreement, you are responsible for each fact of violation in the full extent permitted by the laws of Ukraine.

The change of terms and conditions of this Agreement may be carried out only by our company unilaterally and without prior notice.

You can apply for more information at the following address:

Odessa, Sadovaya str. 18, Office 4

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