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Wedding site is...

Wedding site will let you comfortable organize preperations for wedding ceremony
and report quickly invited friends news about expecting event.


You will be able to tell your love story, share photos, make a list of desired or undesired gifts and etc.


The most important thing, you will be able to save the copy of your site as a memento, so that all details of this important day remain with you forever.


For our part we:

  • Create the website (after you have selected the design you like, a set of modules and a domain name for your website)..
  • Fill it with primary information.
  • Show you how to operate user-friendly control system, work with modules, upload photos.


You will receive a flesh card with your wedding site as a present

You will receive a photo book and a flesh card with your wedding site as a present

3 gb photo and video
3 gb photo and video
5 гб photo and video
5 гб photo and video
8 gb photo and video
8 gb photo and video
Biography of the bride and groomNewlyweds will be able to post on the wedding site personal biography, telling about their life and career, hobbies and habits, preferences and plans for the future, and simply making a claim about themselves as individuals who are eager to take on the responsibility to come into a lawful matrimony.
Love StoryOn the pages of your wedding site, the bride and groom can easily tell about the first moments of their love for each other, which later turned into a desire to go hand-in-hand and build a happy life together. In this section of wedding site you can tell about the first sight, the first smile, the first touch of excited hands, the first tender kiss and many other important things.
About your eventIn this module on your site, you can post the detailed information about the time and place of all planned activities of the upcoming wedding from bridal shower and stag party to the official part of your wedding. Now the newlyweds will not need to tell the chronology of future celebrations again and again to their relatives and friends, the guests can simply read all the details and changes of the wedding celebration on your wedding site.
(when and where the wedding celebration will take place)
Photo GalleryThis gallery will allow the newlyweds to upload all the photos of their wedding party. The memory space for the wedding site can be up to 8 GB, the number of photos can be from 500 to 1,000 copies. Besides the visitors of wedding site will be able to choose the wedding photos they like and download them to their computers as many as they want.
Opportunity to share information in social networksOperational characteristics of the wedding site allow to transfer and duplicate information easily (photos, videos, quotes) from the site pages to the popular social networks such as "Vk", "Facebook", "Odnoklassniki", "Twitter" and others. This function will allow you to share all important information with a greater number of friends and acquaintances and let them know about this important event of your life.
Ability to save the copy of your site as a mementoBesides the wedding site published in the Internet, the newlyweds will receive a flash card with saved copy of their site in the form of presentation slides or directory. Thus wedding website will be one of the most important things in the family list of memorable moments and always retain pleasant emotions and memories of that wonderful time, which you can show to the future generations with the grandeur.
Password-protected access to your siteAccess to the wedding site will be based on a registration system (username, password). The registration and access to the site can be also done through the e-mail data, or through social networking profiles. In addition to this, the couple will be able to maintain the access to all website visitors who will registered there. Thus wedding site can be considered reliable media platform, which does not allow the "unwanted guests" to view and, moreover, to use personal information (photos, videos, text content) of the bride and groom.
Guestbook for comments, suggestions and offersGuestbook is a separate section of the site where the invited guests for the wedding will have an opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions, give some tips and parting words on the upcoming event. Besides, after the celebration the relatives and friends will be able to write comments on their impression of those days of happiness, joy, love and, of course, the birth of a new family. On the other hand, this function will allow the newlyweds to be aware of how guests perceive different parts of the upcoming event throughout the time of preparation and, at the same time, receive positive comments and suggestions in return.
The ability to add video invitation for your guests On the wedding site newlyweds have a unique opportunity to make a video for their guests, where they can personally invite them to their wedding celebration in the way that is kindred to them. Besides, the exclusive video invitation can be used as a supplement to the invitations, that a special module on the wedding site can allow to send out automatically.
To add music on your websiteThe function of playing the music on the wedding site will make the presence on its pages more pleasant for guests, and the ready-made playlist of songs or tunes perfectly supplement the vivid photos of the newlyweds, who get the opportunity to create festive mood on their site.
Automatic countdown to your wedding dateThe automatic countdown module on the site will display how much time is left until the most important event in life of the newlyweds, thereby fueling the curiosity of guests in anticipation of a future celebration. The time marking pannel of chronological countdown will be located in the most prominent place on the home page so that every visitor could not "pass by" and certainly notice it.
"Salute" on the site on your wedding dayOn the wedding day all visitors of the site will see animation effects in the form of bright lights and fireworks, colorful confetti and diverse festive tinsel. Thus, the wedding site will also be a place for the long-awaited holiday for the dear people who for various reasons can not attend the wedding celebration - distant relatives and friends who live abroad.
(punching or other effects)
List of desired gifts with the ability to book themOn the wedding site, there will be a special section with the list of desired gifts that relatives and friends can easily see and book the one they want to present. This module allows guests to reduce the time for reflection and searching for the wedding gift, and on the other hand the newlyweds get not only enjoyable, but also the "necessary" present.
Scheme for guests seatingBy accessing the wedding site your guests can get not only all important information about the upcoming event, but also to see the scheme for guests seating at the tables. On the other hand, this module will help the newlyweds to plan the guests seating, taking into account their interests and acquaintances, and then post it clearly in advance on their site, as a result, avoiding all sorts of misunderstandings on the wedding celebration.
Automatic mailing of invitations due to guest listA very convenient module of newsletter the invitations selectively or across the list of guests who have logged on the site will allow the newlyweds to inform and invite all the important people to their celebration without any loss of time or money. The mailout is possible as through the SMS as well as through e-mail. (via e-mail, sms)
Module " Please, do not present us with "In this module the list of undesired girfs will be posted. The gifts that the newlyweds do not need as they may already be booked by other guests or just for any other reason are not needed. With the help of the module "please do not pesent us with" guests can properly coordinate their ideas regarding the choice in presenting of valuable gift to the newlyweds on their wedding day.
(the list of gifts you do not want to receive)
Banquet menuOn the pages of the wedding site the guests will be able to see in advance all delicious surprises prepared for them from the main courses at the banquet to desserts and exquisite treats. With the help of the module menu, the newlyweds will also be able to take into account the food preferences of their loved ones and prepare everything to a high standard.
Biographies of the bridesmaid and groomsmanThe biographies of the bridesmaid and groomsman are also important, as this information about the most rank invited close friends, who are associated with the most significant events of the newlyweds' life. This module will reveal to the guests the reasons for these two people being honored as the the bridesmaid and groomsman of the upcoming wedding ceremony.
You can upload video greetings from your guestsIn addition to comments, advices and suggestions of your guests posted on the site, there will be possibility to post wedding video greetings addressed to the newlyweds, which will remain as enjoyable and dear to their heart memories for many future years of married life.
"Honeymoon"The module of the site with the significant title "honeymoon" will tell the visitors about all the pleasant and joyful events that will occur during the first month of married life. Here spouses will share the notes, videos and photos of their fabulous honeymoon. The deluge of emotions, the kaleidoscope of smiles, the fullness of joy and happiness and maybe chocolate tan, shorts with palm trees and light dresses - all this will dazzle in the module "honeymoon".
(the site section where the couple can tell about their honeymoon, upload photos or videos)
Polling and voting for registered usersThe newlyweds will be able to create and conduct polling and voting on all sorts of topics they are interested in involving all registered users of the wedding site. With this module, all guests will be able to take part in the preparations and discussions of the upcoming celebration, and the bride and groom will simply get to know the opinions of relatives and friends about their plans and decisions on different issues.
"Bride's Diary" A separate module of the site where the bride will be able to describe how she is preparing for her wedding. The functions of the bride's diary on a wedding site look more like a notebook, where all planned activities are listed, calculations are summarized , important contacts are recorded or just her own thoughts and ideas are written. The bride will not forget any detail, and on the most important day of her life will not run around the house in hysterics, trying to remember what else is extremely important to do. Bride's Diary is not only the practical supplement of the wedding site, but it will also save the most pleasant feelings and memories, as it will become a part of the unique chronicle of the wedding celebration.
(the site section, where the bride can describe her preparations for the wedding)
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